Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment

Hair treatments are must for hair that needs extra love and care like our skin.

Healthy hair is just about as tricky as a healthy skincare routine with a regular shampoo and conditioning. A weekly hair treatment is essential to provide your hair with the nutrients it requires to get that sexy sheen.

When we pamper ourselves we often forget about our poor hairs which are wow factor for our personality.

There are many different ways we are damaging our hair, whether it’s from heat styling, hair dye, chemical treatments, wrong product choice, weekly swims, free radicals and environment.

You will be surprised to know that to work on desk or simply to seat in office in heater or air condition are also major cause to damage your skin and hair.

Kaya beauty is a place spells of luxury and exemplifies the ambience with most advanced equipment where you can transform your dull, dry or dehydrated hair into wow factor hair with help of senior hairstylist.

A regular dose of one of these hair treatments is recommended, which are guaranteed to give you healthy hair and rejuvenate and revitalize your hair.

Hair treatments add deep moisturizer and repairing nutrients to effectively repair dry, damaged or brittle hair by penetrating through the hair shaft and forming a nourishing layer around the hair, which keeps hair soft, supple, lustrous and easy to manage. Gives you a beautiful dazzling hair with full of elasticity and shine.

At Kaya Beauty Clinic we offer different range of Hair Treatments as per our client requirements. Book your appointment today to get shiny, healthy and dazzling hair.

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